Give your new product an edge in the marketplace.

With over 80 years of sales and management experience, Catalysta Partners helps technology-based companies achieve product-launch sales success. Prior to forming Catalysta Partners in 1998, the partners were responsible for the launch of over 10 different products with seven companies with cumulative revenues over $1 billion.

Our value lies in our ability to get results. We have field-proven expertise in business strategy development and execution, selling, marketing, recruiting and executive management. Catalysta partners have first-hand experience in leading successful start-ups, structuring public offerings, and managing acquisitions. We’ve held leadership roles in fast-growing, profitable technology-based firms including CEO, President, COO, Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Marketing, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Managing Partner.

While many technology firms have promising software products and strong funding, they lack the sales expertise and staff to take their product to market and achieve strong and sustained sales revenues. That’s where Catalysta can help.

We’ll construct a consistent and organized framework to help you create and implement product launch strategies, secure early customers, define sales goals, avoid costly errors in sales strategy, and build a repeatable model for future sales success. Whatever your technology, Catalysta has the industry experience to help you generate revenue. Internet. Business-to-business e-commerce. Sales and field force automation. Enterprise infrastructure. Collaboration tools. Software utilities. Packaged business applications. Plus you’ll get the benefit of our significant and strategic contacts in the Global 2000.

Call Catalysta. And put eight decades of technology sales and management experience behind your launch.

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